Togel Games Based on Chinese Zodiacs

Asian betting games are often influenced with local culture; one of them is togel indonesia. A type of seemingly simple number guessing game, togel is actually full of local influences in predicting four winning numbers. This also shapes the betting market trend, and things like Chinese zodiacs are turned into formulations to make the game even more interesting especially among online players.

How Chinese Zodiacs Work in Togel Chinese zodiacs have twelve animal symbols to represent birth month and year: mouse, bull, dragon, horse, snake, rabbit, pig, monkey, rooster, tiger, goat, and dog. Each zodiac symbol has different numbers associated with the possible winning numbers, and each zodiac can have different numbers when year changes, because each different year is associated with one zodiac in Chinese calendar. Therefore, every year there is always different calculation formula for game based on Chinese zodiacs.

Many players love using Chinese zodiac symbols as tools to calculate winning numbers. Each symbol has different number, and these numbers can change again the following year, since Chinese zodiac also symbolizes certain year. Therefore, market is often based on this calendar system, and this is why many players use Chinese zodiacs as formula to calculate winning numbers.

Samples of Numbers to Calculate Year 2014 is the year of Horse, so the numbers are different from last year (which was the year of Snake), and the change was made on the eve of Chinese New Year.The month system started from Horse symbol, and the associated numbers are, such as, 01, 13, 25, 37, 49 and 61. Afterward, you count the numbers based on the orders of animal signs in the year such as Snake, Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger and so on (they have certain positions during the year).

Frequent players often use this calendar system to predict winning numbers, and you can start learning it if you are familiar enough with the system or just want to find more accurate method.